April Special Discount

10% OFF on our 'Beginning of the School Year' Selection !!

In Japan, April is the beginning of the school year. One wonders if Japan set its beginning of the year in April (unlike most other countries) to match the end of the Sakura period (cherry blossom), the ultimate symbol of the ephemeral and perpetual cycle of seasons.
We would have dreamed of the covid crisis fading away with the Sakura flowers, but the crisis continues and this new year will, unfortunately, start under dark skies.
Despite the situation, our team is still working its best for you and many projects are following their courses as they should. Check the end of this article for more information on the latest news!

For the beginning of this school year, we've prepared a 10% discount on 20 best-sellers, Dogi, Hakama, Belts, Bags, and Iaito!
If you are in a helping spirit and would like to support us even if you do not have immediate needs, please note that our Dogi and Hakama workshops are those with the most difficulties (they're holding, thanks to you all!), so any order for textile products will be much appreciated!

This offer will end on April 28th, 3 pm JPT.

March report

We are still continuing to add new products to our catalog, and here is what we added in March:

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!

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