December Special Discount

10% Off All Weapon carry bags & all accessories

Winter is coming and with it, Christmas holidays. So, many practitioners think about... their Christmas presents.
You're not sure of the size/waist/height of your relatives, but you want to offer them a really nice Aikido or Kobudo Christmas present, 100% made in Japan? We've got the solution: A great range of well-designed carry bags for weapons and training wear or accessories for regular practice, for the Dojo or for home.

All equipment are 100% made in Japan, as usual. All our accessories feature original designs, and some of them were especially created by our team for our fellow practitioners and friends. You can even order some customization (embroideries) for items like towels etc., making those the best Christmas presents.

If you're afraid about timing, you should know that we can deliver fast and on time for Christmas as long as your order contains only products that are in stock (information displayed on every product's page) and are placed before the 16th of December (in most countries): Check the visual calendar, or read more details below.

This current discount ends on December 28th, 11 am JPT.

November report

Black Friday Consumerism, No More! - We're giving to charities instead - [Vlog #04]

  • Publication of the first instalment of our Interview with Kimura Jiro Shihan.
    Part 2 is coming very soon on Guillaume Erard's channel, and part 3 will follow on our own channel again.
  • Meiji Jingu Kobudo Demonstration 2018
  • Shooting of a 2h long discussion with Alexander Bennet, Baptiste Tavernier, Guillaume Erard and Seido's founder Jordy Delage about the history of Aikido's weapons. First part will be published by Guillaume Erard, second part by Kendo World, and third part will be on our Youtube channel. Stay tuned, it's coming soon!
  • We made our Seido Dojo available for a shooting of Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu (Shikoku Hombu), with Sato Hideaki sensei, Olivier Gaurin and Guillaume Erard. This shooting was a private project of the Shikoku Hombu, but we might release an artistic video on our channel.

Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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