December Special Offer

10% OFF on All Accessories & Bags!

December is here and our Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer is now over, but we've got you covered for Christmas with a 10% discount on all accessories & bags.
If you find complicated to get the right Dogi/Hakama size to offer them as presents to your relatives, you might want to opt for some accessories that will always fit, whoever the practitioner!

This year's Black Friday was a huge success with more than 300,000 YEN that will be donated to charities next week. Thank you very much all for your incredible support!
As usual our hyper-organized team gave its best and all our orders were shipped on time or ahead of schedule! But with all the custom-made products we have to manufacture, it's going to take several weeks to get everything done and shipped. We'll do our best to ship asap and all orders that can possibly deliver before Chrismas will.

On the website/new products side, last month, we've added a new Hakama lineup for Iaido/Kendo practice. This line up come from our Aikido Hakama workshop, which also is a traditional Hakama specialist. All models are manufactured in a small atelier in Tokyo that has been manufacturing Budo Hakama for more than a century. It is the oldest workshop in Japan still in activity and the very last workshop producing partially handmade Hakama in the purest tradition. So if you're interested in the best of the best of the Budo equipment tradition, there's only one place to go, our Iaido & Kendo Hakama collection.

If you haven't noticed our new blog articles, we've also published a few entries in English this month:
- Looking after your Hakama, Dogi (Kimono) & Obi (belt)
- The choice of a specific Bokken for Aikido & And how it influences the Aikido practice

If we continued publishing dozens of videos from the Meiji Jingu Kobudo Taikai, we haven't had much time to work on our other projects. However, we're currently working on a "How to wrap your Fukuroshinai" video, and it will be live soon on our Youtube channel!

And that's all for this month. Enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!

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