March Special Discount

10% OFF on All Belts & Embroideries!!

After our lasts successful offers on Dogi and Hakama, we are now offering a 10% discount on all Belts & their embroideries. We have a wide choice of Black, White & colored belts that are designed for Aikido, Judo, and Karate practice! All of them are approved by the Aikikai Foundation and the Aikikai logo can be added optionally. Except for the soft models, all our belts are also at the Kodokan standards so they are perfectly suitable for both Judo and Karatedo.
White and colored belts may be embroidered with a "non-integrated" embroidery, where the black belts can be embroidered either with a "non-integrated" or an "integrated" embroidery for ultra-long durability. Belts can be embroidered on either end, so don't hesitate to customize to your liking!

Alongside these models, we also offer Iaido Style Belts & Kakuobi. The Iaido style belts are used by Iaido practitioners but are also popular among Aikido practitioners who prefer a thin and wide belt under the Hakama.
The Kakuobi are traditional Japanese belts worn by males with a Kimono or Yukata, or in some martial arts under the Hakama.

This offer will end on March 31st, 4 pm JPT.

February report

We are still continuing to add new products to our catalog, and here is what we added in February:

  • Our collection of clothing increased significantly with 3 new exclusive models:
    - The Deluxe Sashiko Cotton Jacket was designed with a Kendogi jacket in mind, but adapted to be worn over a light Aikido dogi, over a Kendogi, an Iaidogi, and of course over a Samue. It fits very well on both black and white Dogi, so we recommend this jacket to all practitioners who would like to have something to wear over their Dogi jacket in a Japanese style. Available in 3 sizes, Navy only.
    - The Deluxe Sashiko Cotton Samue made from Sashiko fabric, similar to the fabric used for our Aikidogi. Sashiko is a very strong, yet relatively light and breathable fabric. Used since ancient times in Japan for work clothes, this Samue is perhaps the most durable of our catalog. With 6 colors and 5 sizes to choose from, this model also offers the widest choice range of our catalog.
    - The Deluxe Sashiko Cotton Haori - Sleeveless Jacket is designed to be worn over a Dogi. It's a great jacket to wear over a light Aikidogi or over our Waraku Iaidogi if you keep wearing your uniform off the mats. It is also a great combination to wear over a Samue, and especially our Waraku Samue and Sashiko Samue.
  • Directly coming from the Aramaki's workshop, we added three new wooden weapons made of Ipe. Ipe is similar to Sunuke in terms of weight, and similar to Shima Kokutan in terms of resistance yet, a little heavier. Ipe (Tabebuia serratifolia) is one of the many woods that is called "ironwood" because of its extreme weight and hardness. This means it is not meant for hard contact practice, but rather for Suburi practice, light contact, and for display.
    Discover now the Aramaki Original Ipe Bokken, the Aramaki Original Ipe Shoto, and the Aramaki Original Ipe Tanto.
  • Last but not least, we added a brand new series of Calligraphy artworks made by Japanese calligrapher "Fuh-mi" (不美). Fuh-mi has studied calligraphy, poetry, and ikebana (Japanese floral art) since childhood. She is a Japanese calligrapher who mainly works in the field of contemporary art.
    She claims a style freed from tradition and does not hesitate to offer extremely colorful pop works or performed vertically to obtain dripping effects close to street art.
    All the works presented on Seidoshop are calligraphed on a selection of washi (traditional Japanese paper) and shikishi (card stock) made by master craftsmen from different regions.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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