Midsummer Special Sale

Up to 20% Off on All Iaito

Life is slowly returning to normal everywhere in the world, but we stay vigilant as the numbers of persons tested positive for COVID-19 are rising almost everywhere. Be sure Seido is staying informed about the evolution of the situation and we'll take all the necessary steps in case of a second wave. We are also securing our logistic to avoid any future disruption. 

Despite the situation, we are moving forward and we decided to offer you a midsummer discount running until the beginning of August! This time, we've decided to offer up to 20% OFF on all our Iaito, whether it be from Minosaka or Jisei workshop. If you want to own a new Iaito, this is the perfect occasion! 

As you know, Seido prides itself in pricing its products in a fair way, a method that doesn't allow for extensive discounts. 
This 20% off offer isn't a signal that this policy has changed, but an attempt to continue supporting our workshops by providing them enough orders to stay afloat, and in doing so, we are cutting our margin to the very minimum. This is why discounts range from 10 to 20%, it's a very fine-tune offer!

Anyway, whether you're searching for a ready-made Iaito or a custom one, all the Iaito we offer are 100% Made In Japan (accessories included)! And if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind Iaito, our state-of-the-art website allows you to fully customize your Japanese sword amongst hundreds possibilities of customization (Blade Groove, Habaki & Seppa, Tsuba, Menuki, Saya, etc.).

Regarding Minosaka's custom-made Iaito, we just added a new option concerning the blade groove: it is now possible to customize the Hi Dome (Groove start) and the Hi Saki (Groove end). Until now, it was only possible with Jisei's custom-made Iaito and we're happy to offer this option for Minosaka as well.

This offer will end on August 11th at 11am (Japan Time).

Mid-July report

  • If June was a good month for sales, the month of July hasn't been as good as we hoped for. Still working on all ways to support our workshops, we've launched 3 new "non Budo" products in our Sashiko product collection. Those items are made in the same workshop as most of our Dogi and from the same fabric as our single weave AS200 and AS250 models, making those the perfect accessories for all Budoka! Discover them here:
That's it for the first half of July, please take care, enjoy our contents and enjoy the discounts!

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