October Special Discount

Around the mats Special Discount / 10% OFF a product selection!!

Hello fellow Budoka,
We hope your return to the dojo was revitalizing! Here in Japan, red spider lilies flowers are blooming, sign of the heavy rainfalls we experienced during the last weeks all around the country, but they are before everything else a heartwarming sign of the arrival of autumn.

And to celebrate the autumn, we decided to offer a 10% discount on a product selection to wear (or display) around the mats! We selected bags, Samue, Setta, belts, Katanakake, Tessen, and more! All that high-end equipment is, as always with Seido, 100% made in Japan and is of the best quality!

This discount will run until October 31st, 3 pm JPT, so be sure to not miss it.

September report

The new season get off to a flying start and we released a lot of new products:

  • We're glad to announce that we released a new In Stock Iaito coming from Minosaka's workshop: the Tokusei Koshirae. This Iaito is one of our basic models: reasonably priced, well-balanced on the tsuba, with a simple finish, it is ideal for beginners. It also makes a fine choice for Aikidoists looking for a practical Iaito at a reasonable price. Check it out!
  • Still from Minosaka's workshop, we also released the leather Tsukaito. Available in black or brown, in standard or suede versions, from 300 cm to 700 cm.
  • Many customers were waiting for it, we just released the Classic Kurume Cotton Samue. This brand new samue is made entirely in Japan, in a region called Kurume. Kurume has a long history of traditionally manufactured cotton fabric, for which the dye is applied to the yarn before it is woven! That results in a long-lasting tint that does not wash off quickly or fade when dried in the sun. Discover it on the website!
  • Fuh-Mi's artworks are still very popular and we added several Shikishi (calligraphed board) with new martial-arts-related expressions. Don't hesitate to check all of her work in her dedicated collection.
  • Talking about calligraphy, we just released on our blog an article that was initially published on Fuh-Mi's former website! In this article, she shares with you her tips to take care of your kakejiku (hanging scroll) and how to roll it in the traditional way. You can read it here: Taking Care of your Kakejiku, and more articles by Fuh-Mi are coming soon.
  • And finally, we still have many upcoming videos we shot during the 59th All Japan Aikido Demonstration! Check out our dedicated playlist.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discount, and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!

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