Seido's Special Lottery

Seido's Special Lottery

Hello fellow Budoka,
May is finally here, one of the best months of the year here in Japan! Days are lovely and warm, and the Japanese celebrate with the "Golden Week", a one-week holiday at the beginning of the month where Japanese Families gather together to share special moments.

May is also the time where Japanese households traditionally hang Koinobori (carp-shaped windsocks) in front of their houses. Flown to celebrate Children's day (the last day of the Golden Week), Koi fishes are a symbol of energy and power as they are courageous and determined to overcome all obstacles!

This month, we would like to try something new! Exceptionally, there will be no discount, but instead, we are running a Special Lottery!
From April 28th to May 31st, you'll be automatically enrolled for a chance to win exclusive prizes for any purchase (no matter the price) on SeidoShop!

  • Grand prize: One (1) lucky customer will receive one (1) "精神一到" (Seishin Itto) Kakejiku Calligraphy (hanging scroll)! This high-end calligraphy will be offered in an exquisite Sandanhyoso version! Seishin Itto is a Japanese expression that means "Focus of mind", "Mental concentration" or "Mind unity" and that is also the first compound of a famous Japanese saying "Seishin Itto Nanigoto Ka Narazaran" that roughly translates as "where there is a will, there is a way" which is Seido's motto.
  • Second prize: Three (3) customers will receive one (1) exemplary of the Book "Budo, Japanese Martial Arts", a beautiful A4 Hardcover book published by Nikko Graphic Arts, introducing four distinctive Japanese martial arts; Ogasawara-ryū for Mounted archery, Yagyū Shinkage-ryū for Sword, Tendō-ryū for Naginata, and Hōzōin-ryū for Spear. The book is illustrated with beautiful pictures alongside interviews with the masters.
  • Third prize: Ten (10) customers will receive one (1) ¥2,000 gift card which can be used on!
  • Fourth prize: Ten (10) customers will receive one (1) Seido's Tenugui featuring Seido's motto: "Seishin Itto Nanigoto Ka Narazaran"!
  • For all participants: Everyone will also receive a Free Seido's Sticker or Wappen to thank you for your continuous support!

For this lottery, we are using a pre attribution system, which means you will receive your present(s) directly with your order. You'll know you won when you'll open your package!

For total transparency, here is how it works:

  • We gave a letter to each present (A, B, C, etc.)
  • We used a randomizer to attribute a number to each letter. The number is comprised of between 1 and the number of orders we are estimating for May. (Example: the randomizer says: A is number 234, so order number 234 will receive present A).
  • We start counting orders from 1 as soon as the lottery begins. If your order number is one of the numbers drawn by the randomizer, you win the associated present, and it will be packed with your order.
  • If our total number of orders is off, we will attribute the remaining present(s) to unshipped orders, based on the same randomized drawing.

This Lottery will run until May 31st, 3 pm JPT. Please note that every time you make a purchase, you'll enter the lottery. All purchases made on,, and will be taken into account.

April report

  • The brand new series of Shikishi made by Fuh-Mi will be published soon! You'll find a new version of the Kanji "道" (Michi, the way), a reinterpretation of the Kanji "禅" (Zen), a brand new "San-gen Ichi-ryu", a Karate expression meaning "three origins, one tradition" or "three roots, one flow", as well as three calligraphies taken from the book "Dokkodo" written by the famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi.
    And don't forget, each piece is unique! First come, first served!
  • Great news, we will have a booth during the 59th All Japan Aikido Demonstration that will be held on May 28th on the legendary Nippon Budokan. This event will be behind closed doors, but be reassured that we'll give you exclusive insights into the event!

That's it for this month, good luck with the lottery, and see you soon on!

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