Xmas Special Offer!

Seido's 10 Years Anniversary - Last Edition

10% OFF a selection of Instock Items + Presents with All Orders

First of all, thank you very much for all your orders during the Black (Green actually) Friday.
This event was a huge success, the new NGO we support (moreTrees) was very well received by the community, and we will soon donate more than 600,000 YEN that will contribute to making the wood industry in Japan more sustainable.
As announced during the Black Friday, we will soon implement a permanent contribution to this NGO for all weapons purchased on our website. More details to come early 2021, stay tuned!

With the Black Friday coming to the very end of November, the December "Xmas" sale starts immediately after the event, and our days (and likely weekends) will be filled with order management and packing until the very last day allowing for deliveries before Christmas, December 17th.

December is when we offer presents to our friends and loved ones, and because it's hard to choose the right size or right customization when you are not a practitioner yourself, we've decided to focus our monthly discount on accessories. Weapon bags, key holders, bags, calligraphy, Sashiko accessories, and maintenance items are all discounted until Dec 25th!

In addition to this discount, because it is Christmas, we will be offering a surprise present with ALL orders, depending on the package size, order content and order price, your package may contain:
- A Seido Wappen.
- A Key Holder
- A Seido Tenugui
- A Seido 10 Years Anniversary towel (still 200 to take!)
- A Budo related Book (English, French, or Japanese depending on the destination).
- Other surprise goodies.

November Report

- We shot and published our discussion with Lance Gatling, part of our "Budo, a way of life" series.
- We shot a discussion with Leandro Diaz Napolitano, part of the same series, and it will be published very soon.
- We added new wood species to our very popular Kotobuki Bokken: Buna and Hon Akagashi (true Red Oak).

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